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Lemon Citrine Bracelets Gemstone Bracelets Lemon Crystal Ampearlbeads

Lemon Citrine Bracelets Gemstone Bracelets Lemon Crystal Ampearlbeads

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Natural stone will inevitably have variegated colors, black spots, stone patterns, small pits or small cracks. If you love natural stone, please understand and accept its naturalness.

Lemon Citrine is also called lemon crystal, it is a kind of light yellow Citrine.

These Citrine bracelets are partially transparent. There are two kind of size of the faceted beads, one is small size, with the faceted beads size around 9mm. Another is medium size, with with the faceted beads size around 10mm.

Some beads on the bracelets are a bit imperfect, and the surface is not flat enough but still very beautiful. 

These bracelets are suitable for people with a wrist size as indicated or less.

Your bracelets will be delivered in a smart box.

Price for ONE bracelet ONLY.

I traveled a lot of places and countries to find out many beautiful and special stone materials, and my partner and I designed and made the lovely beads. We are happy to share them with you.

Please note: You are responsible for any import taxes and duties imposed by your country. This is not included in the price.

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